Plaza Wellbeing Centre

Slender You Toning and Rehabilitation Tables

The Slender You Toning and Rehabilitation Tables feature six different exercise beds designed to work different muscle sets of the human body.  The intensity and number of repetitions are suitable for women and men to benefit, increasing their fitness level, muscle tone, joint flexibility, stimulating circulation, the lymphatic system and promoting weight loss. The tables offer a way of exercising that is ideal for those who don’t like intense physical fitness or for those who simply can’t exercise because they are carrying an injury or overweight.


When exercising on the beds, it is extremely low impact for the body and joints. The bed is absorbing the impact. It is passive exercise which will re-balance, rehabilitate and detoxify your system.


At the end of a session the clients are feeling relaxed, energised, more flexible and more mobile. Some clients liken it to a full body massage… but the cost, even for a casual visit, is substantially less.


Each session lasts for an hour and during this period ten minutes is spent on each bed toning specific areas of the body.


  • Sandbag: With a gentle massage action on the hips and thighs, the sandbag gives a resistance massage. It is the equivalent of doing 900 hip rolls.
  • Leg: This circular motion powers your legs through 1700 step repetitions. The table supports your weight so the impact on your hips, knees and ankles is reduced.
  • Sit Up: Works with you to exercise upper stomach and diaphragm while you do breathing exercises. It powers you through 90 repetitions.
  • Waist, Tummy, Hip: Gently raises and lowers your legs, rotates your pelvis, and stretches the lower lumbar area of your back powering through 900 repetitions.
  • Stretch: A massage action exercising your entire upper body by using your arms weight. It lifts the rib cage and improves posture while the sandbag weight stretches your midriff, waist and back.
  • Relax:A gentle oscillating movement allows you to relax areas that you have just worked on the other machines.
  • Clients leave the salon feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Save yourself even more by purchasing an Unlimited continuous membership – available via Direct Debit – $200 per month.

Please bring socks, water bottle, hand towel and wear comfortable clothing with no buckles, zips etc.