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Plaza Wellbeing Centre offers various therapeutic services to help improve your overall health and wellbeing. 

Slender You Toning and Rehabilitation Tables.

Rolletic Massage and Reconditioning Machine.

Vibrosaun Pod Sauna.

Massage Therapists offering a variety of different styles including Remedial, Hot Stone Massage and Pregnancy-specific, both before and after birth.

Services available

Slender You Rehabilitation toning exercise tables Alice Springs

Slender You Toning and Rehabilitation Tables

The Slender You® Figure Salon choice features two sets of six different exercise beds designed to work different muscle sets of the human body.  The intensity and number of repetitions are suitable for men or women to benefit, increasing their fitness level, muscle tone, joint flexibility, stimulating circulation, the lymphatic system and promoting weight loss. 

 When exercising on the beds, it is extremely low impact for the body and joints. 

 At the end of a session the clients are feeling relaxed, energized, more flexible and more mobile. 

  • Body toning, flexibility and mobility
  • Low impact exercise
  • Improves circulation
  • Assists with weight control
  • Help Arthritic and Rheumatic pain
  • Relieves tension and stress
  • Relaxation

60min session - $25

60min x 5 sessions - $105 ( save $20 )

60min x 10 sessions - $189 ( save $61 )

Save yourself even more by purchasing an Unlimited continuous membership - available via Direct Debit - $200 per month. 

Please bring socks, water bottle, hand towel and wear comfortable clothing with no buckles, zip etc.

Massage Alice Springs


We have 3 amazing massage therapists available.

  • Bec Gooderham - available Tuesday to Friday.
  • Meegan Sullivan - available Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and alternate Saturdays.
  • Gabrielle Targett - available Monday to Saturday.

Remedial, Relaxation, Foot Reflexology, Therapeutic, Sports as well as Hot Stone massage.

Gabrielle is qualified in pregnancy-specific massages as well as being able to assist using Hypnosis - www.alabouroflove.com.au

High quality professional body work by experienced therapists.

Bookings essential so you don't miss out. Some walk-ins possible but Hot Stone massage needs to be booked in advance.

30 min massage - $50

60 min massage - $90

90 min massage - $140

60 min Hot Stone massage - $110

90 min Hot Stone massage - $140

Gabrielle Targett's Pregnancy and Hypnosis prices

  • Pregnancy Induction - 105 min - $155
  • Pregnancy - 60 min - $105
  • Pregnancy - 90 min - $155
  • Hypnosis - 60 min - $110            
  • Hypnosis - 120 min - $220          
  • Hypnosis - 180 - $330          

Vibrosaun Pod Sauna insomnia reduces muscle tension lymphedema Alice Springs



How it Works

The "Vibrosaun Machine" simulates the effect of exercise in a reclining position. A therapeutic dry sauna consisting of a padded vibrating bed, & dry heat which circulates through the unit over & under the bed. Whilst cold air keeps your head & face cool, the rest of the body is inside the machine.

Your circulation will increase, fluid retention relieved, blood pressure lowered, relieved muscle aches & pains, greatly relieving tension & stress, you will be left rejuvenated & on your way to total well being.

Sports & other injuries heal quicker as increased blood flow helps your body to heal quickly.

The benefits of muscle relaxation through vibration and improving blood flow from heat are:

• Relief of muscular and soft tissue aches and pains

• Relief of muscular spasm

• Reduction of stiffness and increased flexibility

• Therapeutic aid for sufferers of arthritic and connective tissue disorders

• Therapeutic aid for sufferers of muscular and soft tissue condition of the back

• Helps eliminate body wastes and stimulates kidney functions

• Provides a soothing and relaxing environment to help relieve tension and stress

• A proven aid for insomniacs

• Helps reduce high blood pressure

• Increases circulation

• Simulates exercise - improves muscle tone and promotes perspiration

Vibrosaun has proven to be a very effective method in assisting with weight reduction.

30min Vibrosaun - $40

50min Vibrosaun - $50

Rolletic Body Massager Alice Springs


Massage and Body Reconditioning Machine 

  • Tones muscle and lifts skin
  • Relaxes muscle tension
  • Reduces the appearance of cellulite
  • Shapes your figure

The Rolletic concept uses one of the ancient methods of Chinese therapeutic massage to enable slimmer body contours, allowing cellulite reduction with improved skin structure and strength, muscle flexibility for improved performance, and detoxification – leading to improved immune system. 

The effect of this Motorised Fitness Massage Roller means a considerable improvement of adipose tissue metabolism that significantly shrinks fat pads, improves skin and subcutaneous tissue metabolism, increases muscle tone, and mobilises lymphatic flow. The skin becomes more supple, pliable, and firmer. 

15min - $20

30min - $35


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Last appointment available is  4:30pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Bookings preferred, walk-ins are possible if available.

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